About Us

About Us

Right This Way Corp provides services for the live event industry as well creates interactive platforms to engage directly with fans. For many years, we have employed the use of our proprietary platform called TMAT taht was developed to analyze secondary tickets marketplaces. TMAT is an Analytics platform akin to a Bloomberg terminal for the financial industry which provides us with an intimate look at ticket pricing and helps us to more accurately assess the demand for tickets to events nationwide.

TMAT - Ticket Market Analytical Tool :

  • Analyzes Ticket quality (sections, rows and seat number)
  • Analyzes In flows and outflows on various ticket marketplaces
  • Analyzes Ticket prices and compare the quality of tickets
  • Determines unique inventory by platforms
  • Allows us to eliminate duplicates inventory in our ticket listings
  • Allows us to maintain and update a library of thousands of nationwide seating charts for venues

Ticket Purchasing

By using the analytics generated by TMAT, our team makes determinations about which ticket purchases to make on behalf of our clients. On a daily basis, we analyze both the primary and secondary markets and for any purchases made as a result of that analysis on behalf of our client it benefits them in multiple ways.

Direct to Consumer Application

In our latest development, we also used TMAT as the backbone to create a B to C (business direct to consumer) facing APP using TMAT, we aggregated ticket listings from multiple ticket resale platforms (similar to how Priceline and Hotwire aggregate hotel listings) and then repackaged them by displaying them into a ZONES format instead of an exact section, row and seat format (similar to Hotwire aggregates hotel rooms and repackages them in a 1,2,3 or 4 star format).

Right This Way spent several months researching and ultimately developing the ability to stream a live trivia interactive game show directly into our existing App in which we had already been selling tickets in the Zones format discussed above.